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About Frederick Pearce

Professional Business Coach, Consultant,  published author.

Coach Frederick Pearce started working in construction straight out of college. He formed his own construction company twenty years later. Within six years, Frederick had turned his new company into a multimillion dollar business. He retired at the age of 48. Frederick now coaches small business owners who want to do the same. He has written two books – “Keep Your Eyes On The PrizeandSo, Who Wants To Be a Millionaire?”  

“KEEP YOUR EYES ON THE PRIZE”– is a book and a 9 month comprehensive Success Coaching program. The program is in four parts to guide you to reach your business and personal best. We look at where you are and where you want to be. Then we design a course that gets you from A to B. 

Why Do I Love to Coach?

I am thrilled by business and love working with smart and skillful clients. I want to share your struggle …More

Frederick’s Background

For 25 years, I was responsible for the financial control of major construction projects worldwide. Work included cost control, planning, financial management, project- and general management. Projects included offices, schools, hotels, and other commercial and government buildings.

To broaden my business experience, I took a job in sales. I worked with several sales companies in Europe, the Middle East and the USA, selling mutual funds, insurance, automobiles and real estate. My next posting was to the Caribbean, where I ran the project finance division of a large international contractor.

Then, I started my own specialist plumbing company. We focused on large-scale installations. At the peak of my company’s performance, I retired. (See “My Success”) Retirement was fine but doing nothing wasn’t.  I began business consulting to pass on what I had learned to a new generation.

Frederick Pearce Coaching

After some time consulting, I became aware of Anthony Robbins, Brian Tracy and others in the field of personal development. I had long been a fan of Zig Ziglar by this time and had lunch with him a few times. Zig encouraged me to branch out into the world of personal business coaching.


When Anthony Robbins and renowned psychologist, Cloé Madanes, created the Center for Strategic Intervention, I applied to study under these two great coaching leaders. With Tony and Cloé as my teachers, I certified as a Strategic Interventionist Coach. This led me to start Frederick Pearce Coaching. I now use the same techniques Anthony Robbins uses in his public events, much to the appreciation of people I have coached. (See Testimonials, Endorsements and Peer Reviews)

So, let’s get you started on the road to a brighter, richer and happier future.

Contact me! I look forward to working with you.

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