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Start Your Own Business Without Re-inventing the Wheel

Yes! Start your own business! You don’t have to re-invent the wheel. Find out how other successful people achieved what you want, then do what they did. Reading biographies of successful people will provide you with insights you can copy. Here is my story — I hope it inspires you to build your success and start your own business.

For 15 years, I dealt with the finances of large construction projects for various international contractors. A joke tossed casually between colleagues at a project meeting took me off that career path and motivated me to start my own business – a sub-contracting company.

Identify a Problem and Solve it

At the time, I was working for one of the very largest international contractors. Local plumbers were proving incapable of handling the large commercial projects that were available to them. They didn’t have the management skills and they were very inefficient. I saw a need for an efficient, well-run plumbing contractor that could handle major projects. The age-old business rule made sense — “Identify a problem and solve it!”

I wrote a business plan, formed the company, established systems and staffed an office with five people to put my business plan into operation. That was before we had any work and before any plumbers were employed. As a result, my overheads were thousands of percent higher than the competition.


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Another matter was working against me — all large-scale construction work was put out to competitive bid and the lowest price always got the job. So, I had high overheads yet had to be the low price to get any work. Also, I had to pay the highest wages to get the best plumbers. Project specifications were strict and “cutting corners” was not tolerated. Furthermore, I was known and respected by the clients’ representatives – I knew how to do the job properly, and they knew it, so I was held to a higher standard than any of my competitors. Not fair, perhaps, but that’s how it goes, sometimes!

In summary, I was forced to give the highest quality, carried the highest overheads, paid the highest wages and had to do the work for the lowest price. Yet, I won nearly every bid submitted, and within three years of starting my business, I was earning almost a million dollars per year. Within two more years I was earning over $3 million per year.

Very often, people doubt this was possible – highest quality and lowest price – but I can assure you it is. You just have to figure out how to do it in your business. But you have to start your own business first.

It’s up to you to leverage what you know to create your own OUTRAGEOUS SUCCESS. I can help you! …. Contact me!

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