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Why I Love to Coach

Why Do I Love to Coach?

I love to coach because I’m thrilled by business and love working with knowledgeable and skillful clients. When people who deserve progress get stuck, I want to share their struggle. I believe I can help them, so…

  • they won’t have to experience financial hardship from a business that’s doing poorly,
  • they won’t end up divorced because of the stress,
  • their employees can be well compensated to provide for their families.

If you want things to change you have to change things, right? I believe in changing things! I just love to coach!


My Life Purpose

I am the dance of a candle-flame. I play, illuminate, tease! My world is so amazingly abundant I sparkle like a child in a toyshop. Life is to explore and have fun with, and I delight in provoking others to do the same. Excellence is my Guiding Principle for excellence is the Path to Success however I choose to measure success. I take pride in achieving Excellence: I enjoy attracting Wealth.

Yet, my happiness is not outside to be gathered in; it is inside, a product of my own vibrancy. I strive for elegance and eloquence, and always manage to be surprised by the results.

I am a Voyager: along the way I meet other travelers and add to their bounty however I can. By being faithful to my principles I earn respect and honor, but what I cherish most is the Simple Satisfaction of a job well done.


My Mission Statement

My five year mission is to explore new wealth-creating ventures, to seek out vibrant new people, to do challenging new things, to help empower people to live their own successes.


My Personal Motto

“Where there’s a will, there’s a way.”


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