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You are a small business owner, or a freelancer or a one-person business, or an agent or executive of a larger organization. This website is about You — and you want to grow your business and turn it into a multi-million dollar organization.  [ More about You ]



I started a small specialized service business and grew it into a multi-million dollar company in six years. I now work with small businesses, helping them improve their operations and increase their profitability by developing a millionaire mindset.   [ More about me ]



We work together face-to-face, by telephone or by e-mail. I prefer e-mail because of the many advantages, not least of which is — e-mail was created as a business efficiency protocol. It has many advantages for coach and client alike. [ See “The Advantages of e-Mail Coaching ]



– You build confidence working with an experienced CEO who has spent years doing what you want to do;
– You discover rare insight from an inquisitive, probing detective who will dig deeply for clues;
– You get solid support from a firefighter who has studied psychology and business strategies;
– You get the inspiration and solutions you are looking for.
[ See “What is a Business Coach?” ]


ABOUT ‘Keep Your Eyes On The Prize’

“Keep Your Eyes On The Prize” is a book and a suite of coaching programs about Purpose, Mission and achieving business goals.
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– We will work together on a constant, daily basis.
– I take very few clients at one time so you get my full attention with little distraction.
– I help you define, in clear, inspiring language, the million-dollar business you want to create.
– Once defined, I help you build your million-dollar company, and I’ll stay with you until we have grown your business to be as big as you want it to be – a million dollars or more.


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