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About You

 You are looking for help. You will benefit the most from my training with the Robbins-Madanes Center for Strategic Intervention, my 45 years of business experience and my 15+ years of coaching experience, if you are —

1) a small business owner or will soon be a business owner, or
2) a freelancer, or a one-person or two-person business, or
3) an agent, department head or executive of a larger organization.

It is likely that

a) Your business is doing “Okay” but you are not satisfied with “Okay” – you must have “Great!” or
b) You are frustrated, or disappointed, or even angry, at the lack of progress or growth in your business, or
c) You are experiencing difficulty with people in your business (customers, superiors, employees or other team members), or
d) You have a personal or domestic situation that is adversely affecting your business or employment.

Thus —

i) You just need to talk with someone experienced in such matters, or
ii) You are looking for help in clarifying your situation, or
iii) You’re looking for help to achieve a definite and permanent solution.

Whether you are (1.a.i) or a (3.d.iii), or anything in between, I can help you. I’ve helped a lot of people and I know I can help you. My years of business experience and training as a Strategic Interventionist makes me a super coach for your special situation.

If you’re looking for help, you’re looking for me!

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