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How Business Coaching Can Grow Your Business

I had just finished writing a “What Is a Business Coach” page for my website, when a colleague offered some advice. Most of my clients are not actually searching for a business coach – they are searching for help and insight on a particular challenge they are dealing with, right now. Most often, they want to grow their business.

Small business owners are, generally speaking, hands-on people. When something needs fixing, they’ll look for ways to fix it. Their first instinct is not to look for someone else to fix it for them. They will search for Ways-to-solve-my-problem, not for Who-can-solve-my-problem.

So, let’s look at some of the challenges small business owners may encounter that limit growth.

The Business is Stagnant

It takes detective work to find out exactly why a problem exists at all. Is strategy the problem, financial acumen, or is it leadership? Or some other challenge? As a business owner, what do you do when you’re seriously stuck but have no boss or partner to go to for advice? What do you do when all attempts to grow your business lead nowhere?


Are you running the right strategy for the business you are in? Have you even thought about what business you are in? By the early 1900s, railways thought they were in the transport business. However, they had received so many land grants to encourage their expansion, they were more in the real estate business than transportation. Because they didn’t recognize this, they began to decline in the face of competition from more modern means of transport. Does your business strategy match the business you are really in?

Financial Acumen

Do you often run out of money? Do you feel restricted by a shortage of cash on occasions? Cash was tight when I started my business, too. I developed a Quarterly Cash Flow Projection so I could see into the future of our cash needs and cash availability. I was able to plan major purchases and materials orders to coincide with client payments. Not having the money to grow your business is one of the main reasons small businesses stay small!


Does it sometimes seem as if your company is adrift? Do your leaders believe in your company’s mission? It has been said that the most important question a business can ask itself is, Why are we in this business? Two truisms come to mind.

  1. People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.
  2.  People don’t buy what you are selling, until they buy into what you believe.

Both of these depend on your leaders and their attitude to the business, their employees and their customers.

The Surest Way to Grow Your Business

If you’re tired of consultants and sales trainers telling you how to run your business when they’ve never done it themselves, that’s where I come in. Because I’ve done it myself! I use my hands-on experience to partner with you to fully optimize your team and create measurable results…so you can grow your business effectively and confidently.

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About Frederick Pearce

Frederick has over 10 years coaching experience revitalizing small businesses, and mentors clients to re-energize their business and revitalize their company's potential.

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    How Business Coaching Can Grow Your Business