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Business Mentoring Program


“Take Control of Your Professional Life”

Making progress is not simply a business matter – it requires an approach balanced in personal and business terms. Why? Because you are not two people living in two worlds. You are one person. Your business and personal lives may seem separate but you carry your likes and dislikes, your dreams and your problems, back and forth between these two worlds.

By now, you have determined what a successful and satisfying professional life looks like. Your personal goals are in harmony with your business goals. Your vision and your blueprint of integrated goals are ready to create your new life and your new business.

Time to lay it on the line and get the job done!

Hear what Howard Schultz, CEO of Starbucks, says about his business — “We establish the value of buying a product from Starbucks by our uncompromising quality and by building a personal relationship with each customer.” That is how Howard Schultz not only controls his business, but how he controls his professional life. Even CEOs of major corporations “live” their business.

What will be your declaration of intent? Look to your own mission statement and see what benefits will accrue by crafting a similar mission for your business.

In this Business Mentoring program, you take action to improve your personal and professional life and revitalize your business. You experience a growing sense of business and personal excellence and financial accomplishment.

Keep your Eyes on The Prize

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Business Mentoring Program

Business Mentoring is about taking control and making it happen. In the first two programs, you discovered your purpose and your mission, decided your goals and created a blueprint of what you intend to accomplish.

Over the next three months, you put that blueprint into effect. You will challenge your current paradigm. Business mentoring establishes new beliefs, new routines and new habits. Little things done daily matter!

Anthony Robbins says, “To direct your life, you must take control of your consistent actions. It’s not what you do once in a while that shapes your future, but what you do consistently.”

You will apply that principle to shaping your business. Clients notice what you do every day, and how you treat them and your employees –  every day, not once in a while.

How it works

In the Business Mentoring program, you take action. The first three months were for preparation. This three months is for getting the job done.

You will —

1. Turn your Blueprint into a mind map (Spider chart)
2. Analyze your strengths and skills
3. Annotate your blueprint

Create an Action Plan to Raise Your Standards
5. Put the Action plan into effect
6. Turn good intentions into productive habits.
7. Create business excellence

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