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Coaching Rates

INTRODUCTION to Coaching Rates

Our coaching business is divided into three parts.

1. Short Term Coaching — no-contract coaching by the hour or by the month,
2. Keep Your Eyes On The Prize Coaching — a suite of four coaching programs, available as one complete program or as four separate programs,
3. Performance-based Coaching — coaching organized as a project, with a specific purpose and a defined outcome.

Short Term Coaching

Keep Your Eyes On The Prize– Individual Programs

Keep Your Eyes On The Prize - Full Program

Keep Your Eyes On The Price - Full Program

Performance-based Coaching

Business is a continuous process. A Project is temporary – it has a start, a finish, and a specific outcome (called “a deliverable.”)

For example, a typical “Million Dollar Project” could be defined as — “Starting January 1, we will re-organize our business to achieve $1 million in sales by Dec 31.”

As your coach for your Million Dollar Project, I am willing to work with you on a Performance (no results, no fee) basis. We will agree the coaching fee as a percentage of the deliverable, so that partial results earns a proportional fee only and no results earns no fee.


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