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Keep your Eyes on the Prize – Coaching Programs

“KEEP YOUR EYES ON THE PRIZE” is a suite of Success & Coaching Programs for Small Business Owners and Growing Companies.

Many people find business complicated. For the successful few, business is simple. Which is it for you? At Frederick Pearce Coaching, we recommend Simple. Like a candle flame.

Business owners and executives are invited to –”Keep Your Eyes On The Prize.”

Complexity is the enemy of execution. Your job, running a business, is about making what you do simple and uncomplicated. You will find progress and success easier when you keep it simple – when you focus – when you keep your eyes on the prize.

This 4-part “Keep Your Eyes On The Prize” Coaching program is simple and uncomplicated —

1. Discover your purpose. Business is always more productive and more satisfying when you know your purpose and stick to your mission.
2. Create your Vision – align your goals. With a vision to follow, the path ahead is always clear.
3. Make it happen. Develop your map. Control your habits to follow your vision and accomplish your mission.
4. Rake it in and keep it safe.

Marc Benioff, founder and CEO of Salesforce.com, says, “The real joy in life comes from finding your true purpose, and aligning it with what you do every single day.”

Keep Your Eyes On The Prize is about discovering your purpose and aligning what you do every day. It’s simple — like the dance of a candle flame.

“KEEP YOUR EYES ON THE PRIZE” is a suite of Success & Coaching Programs for Small Business Owners and Growing Companies. | Buy the book at Amazon

1. Personal Discovery

“Who Are You? Why Are You Here?”

Your Discovery Program will identify your purpose and your mission. Then you’ll turn them into your Personal Lifetime goals, in a powerful yet easy-to-follow process.

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2. Success Coaching

“Efficient Goal Oriented Strategies”

In this coaching program, you will determine your business goals, then create a clear and congruent vision. This simplifies the execution of your personal and business goals.

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3. Business Mentoring

“Take Control of Your Professional Life”

Put your plans into effect. You have your vision. You have created your blueprint. You have aligned your goals. Time to make it happen! Make your work enjoyable and exciting!

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4. Understanding Wealth

“Learning to Keep More of What You Earn”

Finally, you create money strategies that support your Business Strategies. And, we will help you devise your own personal “money game” to build wealth long-term.

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