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Personal Discovery Program (lifetime goals)


“Who Are You? Why Are You Here?”

Follow this simple process towards personal discovery and establish lifetime goals that will inspire you. Think of “The Rocking Chair Test” – will you look back from your rocking chair on a life of happiness and professional achievement or a life of stress and struggle? Will you have lived a life on purpose, with a mission, guided by your own personal North Star?

Brian Tracy said, “Be absolutely clear about who you are and what you stand for.” This Personal Discovery program is about discovering who you are and what you stand for. And, what you will become. Be prepared to set and implement huge lifetime goals that are compatible with the incredible life you intend to live from now on.

Even so, the demands of business often drain the hopes of our personal dreams. At Frederick Pearce Coaching, we believe your lifetime goals need not be sacrificed in this way.

What you value most dictates what life is really about for you. What drives you? What matters to you? When you write your Purpose Statement based on your values, it tells you, in simple, uncomplicated terms, how to achieve your lifetime goals – business and personal.

Is going to work every day more pain than pleasure? This program gives a structure to your life and your business. It reveals your purpose and it helps you identify your mission – so, it also simplifies your business. By planning your business goals and your personal goals together, they support and complement each other and lead you towards achieving your most extravagant dreams – your lifetime goals.

Keep your Eyes on The Prize

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Personal Discovery Program

The Personal Discovery program concerns your business and your personal life. The life you live and the business you do will be guided by what you value, so we first simplify your most important values. They define your Purpose.

Then you create a Mission Statement and a personal motto. With this understanding, you are able to ‘see into the future’ and ascertain what will make you happy and what will make you successful. Everybody has their own personal blueprint to guide them, if they simply take the time to discover it and understand it. That’s what I will do for you in this Discovery program.

It has been said you cannot hit a target you cannot see. In this Personal Discovery Program you sets targets you can see.

Personal Discovery is step one of four. We recommend you complete all steps in order to receive the maximum benefit.

How it works

We communicate by alternate daily e-mail, so you learn at a steady pace over a 2-month period. Each step is structured so your purpose and mission become clear.

 You will —

1. Identify your most important values
2. Discover your Purpose
3. Choose a Personal Icon

4. Write your Purpose Statement

5. Create a Mission Statement
6. Establish your Personal Motto
7. List Personal Lifetime Goals.

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