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Testimonials, Endorsements and Peer Reviews

Wow... what super coaching! I seriously want to congratulate Frederick Pearce for what has to be one of the best examples of genuinely great coaching I've seen ... in a very long time!
... I have to say Frederick that your coaching was SPOT ON!!!!! ...
... Seriously, take Frederick's advice. "

Deborah (Rose) Schonfeld, Director of Training, Indiana

I've had the pleasure of working with Frederick on several projects. His communications skills are top-notch, exceeded only by his humor and his insight. Frederick is the ideal coach, trainer, educator and speaker. He can make the complex seem simple and the obscure seem obvious. Frederick has my most complete recommendation."

John Martin, President, the ANDMORE Companies, Texas

I was having trouble making some business decisions on what course of action I was going to take. Frederick agreed to take me through his Personal Discovery process.
... I was reluctant because the format is e-mail only, but Frederick guided me through the entire process. He stayed on top of the outcome even though I fell behind at times. The end result was a clearer purpose and vision than I had ever had before.
... Doing this has provided me clarity in the right direction and I am finding myself asking questions like 'Is this action right now taking me closer or farther away from my goals?' etc. I recommend the process to anyone struggling to find their way forward."

Josh Sharpe, Owner, Marketing company – California

PRE-COACHING BRIEF- (February) - "...Most of my trouble growing is because of the economy... ...I've been stagnant for over six months... ...Help me get busier and be able to hire!"
UPDATE (July) — “Hi Frederick, Just had the second busiest month ever... made tons of money... made as much profit as I did for all of last year... I may make $50k more if the trend continues... this year started out poor, but its growing..... every other plumber I know is having a down year... some say 50% down...”
UPDATE (December) - "I had a good year ... hours worked up, sales up 15%, profit up 20%..."
UPDATE (2nd year) - "Compared to last year my business is up 45 percent..."

David J. Treutelaar, Owner, Waukesha Plumbing, Wisconsin

I came to Frederick to solve a business problem that was really clouding my thinking ... I felt stuck.
... I explained my dilemma to Frederick and in just one session, and a couple of well-placed questions, he managed to unpick my confusion and guide me through until my decision popped up bright as day.
... Frederick is a coach who guides with humour, a big heart and incredible skill. From now on, my "go-to" coach for all my business dilemmas.
... Heartfelt thanks Frederick - you're an awesome coach!..."

Lucy McNulty, The Performance Business, London, U.K.

My Life Purpose Statement and Mission Statement have come together beautifully. I cannot thank you enough; I keep sensing that I am onto something special and that good things will follow.
... Just like running, which was triggered by your commitment speech ...
... I have run 4 x 1/2 marathons over the last 4 weekends, one each weekend, and averaged 54 km running for each of those 4 weeks.
... I am so grateful to you Frederick--you have no idea."

Rashid Kapadia, Project Manager, Houston, Texas

Our mission when we take on a project is to convert old, run down houses into beautiful, functional, energy efficient homes with modern amenities... ...A problem with the way that I am currently doing business is I have too much down time...
...The knowledge I gain from your experience is well worth the price... ...love the outside the box thinking...
...Thank you for your timely emails and helping me on this journey..."

Randy Eagan, Owner, Royal View Homes, Houston, Texas

We will talk to each other again in the Autumn to discuss the results [of our promotion.] I would just like to say that I am very thankful for all your help, business advice and patience ... I really feel I got an excellent service from an excellent mentor. I just knew that you were the right one when I read your very meaningful article on your website.
... Only a master can write something very short and on the other hand very clear."

Leon Flatz, Therapist and Consultant, Croatia

Frederick is very talented and experience business man. I worked with him and appreciated his cooperation and his patience.
... He was always kind and very helpful to my needs. Great to work with a person like him!!"

Michal Haile, Partner, Internet company, Bratislava, Slovakia

Frederick has provided valuable insight and direction to me and my company. He is a man of action, quickly setting up a forum to establish a method of constant communication for the entire team of coaches working to help our company reach success. He is dedicated, reliable, and timely. I highly recommend his services to anyone looking for an excellent coach!"

Niki Henson, Owner, Dental Training Facility, Houston, Texas,

Frederick's coaching has helped me with great ideas. He has really helped me learn the difference between setting goals and having a plan to reach them.
... I have faith in his advice."

Georgiana Avram, Actress, New York, NY.

Frederick helped me a lot with finance questions ... [now] I think about money in a more positive way, and manage what I have better...."

Debbie Winther, Bank Assistant, Virginia

... Forty-five years in the construction and sales industries gave Frederick Pearce the chance to travel the world. But when he was ready to settle for good in 1987, he chose the Bayou City and has lived in the north Houston area ever since.
... The reason Pearce chose to mentor online is that it gives the person seeking advice time to think about questions to ask or information they want to divulge and gives him time to think about his response.
... His philosophy for his personal life coincides with his approach to coaching his clients. 'There's never an end,' he said. 'Self-improvement is a constant.'"

THE HOUSTON CHRONICLE, Anitra D. Brown, Correspondent

Dear Mr. Pearce,
Thank you for working with “The Larry Elder Show.”
... This Thursday, February 24, we are featuring a segment involving a boy named N... S....... who was suspended from school via a zero tolerance policy for bringing a pocket knife to school.
... As per our discussion, we are looking for you to provide basic mentoring in an effort to help N... S...... maintain the ten point program we will establish for him on “The Larry Elder Show.”
... If you have any further questions please contact me.
... Thanks so much for your help with this, Frederick."

Charlie Farrell , Associate Producer, The Larry Elder Show

Frederick is innovative. He has a unique ability to think at the highest level of creativity and couple his thoughts with a brilliant ability to communicate at all levels.
... I've seen Frederick speak on many occasions and he is consistently inspiring, humorous, and able to deliver a sustainable message."

James Hamilton , Executive Trainer, The International Speaker's University, Texas

Dear Frederick, Thank you for the many ways you have helped me to grow over the last year. You really helped me to see myself as a whole lot more than I imagined myself to be. (I still have the picture of the jet!) Thank you for the many ways you have helped me to grow.

Kimaka Willis, Public Speaker,Trainer, Author, Houston, Texas

Frederick is very comfortable in front of an audience and makes you feel at ease while you listen to him. Excellent delivery with pertinent information and wacky British sense of humor. I have recommended Frederick to speak and I will do it again."

Rasheed Hooda , Area Governor, Toastmasters International, Houston, Texas

Frederick was very helpful at a time when I was stuck on a major life issue. He gave me a lot to think about and, by helping me arrive at and summarize my subconscious beliefs, he helped me step outside of myself, come to some new insights and make more effective choices."

Corinne Friesen, Writer, Canada

I thank you a LOT for all the attention, time and patience. You helped me immensely - there were days when I didn't want to do anything, too many things were changing and you were one of the people who made me feel secure and strong....
... I'll continue with my success journal and evaluate my progress... I'm sure I'll do something like what you did for me for other people.
Thank you, Frederick!"

Irina, Russian art student in Italy