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Wealth Building Program (Money and Finance)


“Learning to Keep More of What You Earn”

Why work all your life just to get by, and then have nothing to show for it later? There are no secrets to accumulating wealth, yet most people fail to build wealth even though they know what to do. This Money and Finance program builds on principles you already know. Put them to work! Develop a clear and powerful understanding about your money and wealth.

“The greatest discovery of all time is that a person can change their future by merely changing their attitude.” (Oprah Winfrey) … This includes your financial future.

 It’s common to think about money as a short-term problem —

  • “If only I could make more money, I’d be okay!”
  • “If I could just get a raise, all my problems would be solved!”
  • “If I could win the lottery, I would be set for life!” 

Would you, though? — you know this is not true.

Your personal beliefs about money determine how you act towards money and how you deal with your finances. In this Money and Finance segment, you explore your basic money principles and learn about limiting beliefs. The stumbling block is never “‘How to earn more money.’ It is always, ‘How to develop money-making beliefs.’

You know why you want to be wealthy; you know how to do it. Now, let’s get on and do it!

Keep your Eyes on The Prize

“KEEP YOUR EYES ON THE PRIZE” is a suite of Success & Coaching Programs for Small Business Owners and Growing Companies. Understanding Wealth is STEP 4 of the overall program | Buy the book at Amazon

Understanding Wealth Program

In Understanding Wealth, you discover how limiting beliefs affect your long-term wealth plans. You create money strategies that enable and empower your Lifetime goals.

You make your vision and your blueprint come alive in real money terms. You learn to think differently about money, and you begin to treat money with respect. You learn the power of keeping things simple and thinking long term.

Most importantly, though, throughut the program, you develop good habits for dealing with money. You save and you invest.

And, finally, you devise your own personal “money game” to build wealth long-term.

Alternate daily e-mails are a flowing discussion about money that you will find enjoyable and enlightening.

How it works

Build on principles you already know by clarifying those principles. Recognize why you have decided to be wealthy so you can make it happen.

To Understand Wealth, you —

1. Explore your basic money principles
2. Understand limiting beliefs

3. Learn how short-term beliefs limit long-term wealth 

4. Make financial goals detailed and specific
5. Create money strategies that support your purpose
6. Eliminate bad money habits and install good money habits
7. Watch your investments grow

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