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What is a Business Coach ?


Business needs are constantly changing — new economic conditions, new government policies, new competitors. You want to grow your business. So, you are thinking of hiring a business coach, are you?

What is a business coach? A business coach must be an experienced manager.

Find a coach who has owned his own business. They must know what it feels like and what it takes to run a business and make a profit. Would you consent to surgery by a doctor with no O.R. experience?

What is a business coach? A business coach must be a detective!

A Business Coach works with you to investigate the issues that are limiting your growth. It’s not what is wrong – you probably know that! The question is, What is causing the hold up? That may not be so obvious. We have to play Sherlock Holmes! We will search for clues.

What is a business coach? Is a business coach a strategist?

Yes, and some study of psychology helps, too. The right strategy is a matter of psychology. Business is almost entirely people interacting with other people. A coach probes the employees’ needs and turns them into productive action.

What is a business coach, then? He is a Fire Fighter!

You don’t want the fire (the problem) to spread and you need a solution (ie. a fire extinguisher) right now. The best business coaches go further. Not only are the initial flames brought under control, smoldering hot spots are quenched to allow changes to work.


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How is a Business Coach different from a consultant?

Broadly speaking, a consultant will tell a company what is wrong. They may explain how to correct it. But what if the owner cannot or does not want to do that? A business coach acknowledges the company’s mission and helps them achieve it.

How is Frederick different from other coaches?

Frederick is an experienced manager, detective, strategist and fire fighter. He has studied psychology, too. Frederick created and managed a multi-million dollar company of his own. If you are ready to grow your business, Frederick is ready to help you. (See “My Success“)

So, What is a Business Coach, really?

In essence, business owners want their company to be a good company. Business Coach Frederick Pearce looks for ways to make it a great company. He uncovers limiting beliefs which have prevented or limited growth so far. He is attuned to spotting mental blocks that restrict the flow of energy, the flow of money and the flow of ideas. His strategies destroy these blockages.

Even so, factors that limit growth may be providing other benefits people in  the organization do not want to lose. Frederick identifies these side issues and helps his client introduce a complete, far-reaching and long-lasting solution.


Contact Business Coach Frederick Pearce today. Discover how he can help you take your business to a new era of growth, productivity and profit. It’s time to step up and own the success your company deserves.

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